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  arts & planetary culture   



is a community service, not-for-profit,

non-government Arts Organisation (N.G.O)

It exists as a community platform

to inspire new vision & innovation through the arts.

With an aim to cultivate creative awareness,

inspired vision, wholistic thinking & to pollinate innovative global culture 


To take a deeper look within our role as evolving human consciousness & sacred reciprocity within all of creation

The Honeybee Temple Foundation

community services include; 

Arts & culture events

Art Galleries


Community Yoga classes and workshops

Community Art workshops


The launch of The Honeybee Temple Arts Foundation 

'Pollinate Exhibition' 

@ Mycelium Studios, Melbourne 2018

Melissa Shemanna is an artist, curator and festival arts gallery coordinator. She is based regionally in the Yarra Valley, in an off-grid mountain home and studio. Her arts practice originated as a self-taught discipline in painting and drawing, she has also had many mentors, some that spring from the lineage of Ernst Fuchs (Vienna Visionary/Surrealist Arts). Shemanna’s work has an evolutionary enquiry into human intelligence, contrasting super worldly imagery of organic form, futuristic tech and hyper-colour lenses with a visionary edge. Her main explorative mediums include oils & egg tempera, although she is also known to use high chroma acrylics, pure pigment, ochres and graphite. Shemanna founded 'The Honeybee Temple Arts Foundation’ in 2018, which acts as a mycelium network for innovating her multi dimensional creativity into local and global communities. Her community portfolio includes festival arts production events, managing & curating (pop-up) arts festival galleries, Melbourne secret warehouse local group arts extravaganzas, and sacred arts ceremonies in various landmark places. 

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Melissa Shemanna

"Id like to acknowledge and give my deep respect to the original custodians of this land and country, where I live, dream and raise my family today, the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation. 

I recognise and respect all original peoples of this sacred land, past, present and future, whose natural law remains intact and who's innate sovereignty has never been ceded. Always was, always will be the original's land. And that I will live in accordance to this living law. 

Id like to acknowledge that Earth is our original habitat, and we all reside here as natural peoples apon this Earth. Our cooperation, respect and understanding is vital to create peace on this special planet. Our free will in alignment with all of creation, has pure sovereignty ."

- Melissa Shemanna, Honeybee Starfire medicine woman, daughter of the wild honey

The Honeybee Temple Arts Foundation 

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